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When it comes high-performance luxury vehicles, BMW is among the first vehicle brands that come to mind. Known for their precise controls and Inline-6 engines, every model created is crafted with an exceptional driving experience in mind. When you visit A&M Auto Repair Bellevue in Bellevue, Washington, we’ll know how to properly care for your BMW vehicle. Our BMW Factory Certified technicians and professionally trained service experts utilize the same tools and service techniques that you’d expect at a BMW dealership. By taking note of your vehicle’s make, model, and current condition, they’ll be able to create a customized service plan to ensure your BMW is always operating at its best. Whether the CBS system is triggered or the turbocharger has issues, take comfort knowing our team will have every service available for your “Bimmer.”

BMW Condition Based Servicing (CBS) System

Unlike traditional maintenance services that establishes a mile interval for every scheduled visit, BMW has taken a different approach to maintenance — the CBS System. This system allows drivers to take their vehicle into a shop when something needs a service or a repair, unlike the traditional system where you bring the vehicle depending on the mileage and regardless if there’s an issue or not.

Due to the unique approach to maintenance, your vehicle may need servicing at inconsistent intervals. This will be based on your driving habits and conditions. If you drive conservatively and in light conditions, you can expect to go longer without a service visit. If you drive aggressively and in rougher conditions, you should anticipate a visit sooner. You’ll be able to tell based on the indicators shown on your BMW’s dashboard. If the indicators are listed with a green “OK” light, that means that specific function is fine. If there is a yellow triangle light, it indicates that your vehicle must be brought in as soon as possible. Failing to bring your vehicle in promptly will lead to worse issues down the road, so it pays to be proactive.

When your vehicle is ready for servicing, it will go through Inspection 1 and Inspection 2. For a complete look at the services performed during each inspection, please visit the BMW Inspection 1 and BMW Inspection 2 pages.

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If your BMW runs into problems, visit A&M Auto Repair Bellevue and let our automotive professionals take care of it for you! Our BMW Factory Certified technicians and professionally trained service experts utilize the brand-approved tools and service techniques required to properly service your BMW vehicle. Give us a call at 425-641-9455 and book a visit with us! In the area and have questions about our BMW repair and maintenance services? Visit us at 13551 SE 27th Pl and see how our automotive professionals can help you!