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Auto Repair in Clyde Hill, WA

The city of Clyde Hill, in Washington State, has several spectacular views of Mount Rainer and the Olympic Mountains as well as the beautiful skylines of Seattle and Bellevue. The city has a lush abundance of northwestern foliage and towering evergreens. It is an affluent town of Washington, with a large part zoned for family use.

The first known settler, Patrick Downey, arrived here in 1882. He built a log cabin and stayed for two years. After that, he hiked to Houghton and occasionally rowed to Seattle. He remodeled his house several times until it was burnt in 1911. About 20 families came and settled in Clyde Hill in 1890. In the year 1900, there were 254 persons residing in Clyde Hill.

Downey planted strawberries on his 15 acres of land and sold them in Seattle. Soon, several farmers in Clyde Hill started planting strawberries, and the area became popular for them. Downey later subdivided the eighty acres of his claim, named the Lake Washington Garden Tracts.

Clyde Hill is bordered by Seattle, Bellevue and Medina. Daily commuters often drive from one town to another. If you travel from Bellevue to Clyde Hill in your car, make sure you know where to get the best auto repairs in the area. We are A&M Auto Repair Bellevue, and we’re proud to serve the residents of Clyde Hill.

Auto Repair in Clyde Hill, WA


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