Japanese Vans – Uglier is Better

Being Ugly is a Selling Point for Japanese Vans

Typically when one is shopping for a new car, the first thing that draws their attention to it is the design. Sleek and modern designs that allude a sense of status, performance, and pride for the owner are often the first thing to catch a consumer’s eye. The last thing one might look for when shopping for a new vehicle is to find an “ugly” looking one. But when it comes to Japanese vans, ugly is actually a selling point! These vans, which look more like Maruti Suzuki Omni, are characterized by the fact they are smaller in size, and in many instances, the uglier the styling the better.

These vans have become wildly popular in the United States. Bloomberg looked into this craze, and shared their findings as to why many car enthusiasts are parking their high end performance and luxury cars for these older, slower, and yes – uglier vans.

We thought it was a fascinating article and wanted to share it with you. You can read the full Bloomberg article HERE

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Written by A&M Auto Repair Bellevue