Water damage to interior of the vehicle due to water leaks

Most European cars like: Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen Porsche, Land Rover and Jaguar are susceptible to water intrusion due to plugged water drain ,tubes or body drains. Water will damage electrical systems like ECM, PCM or other modules and wiring as well as interior of your European, Asian or American car. To fix water damage permanently without worry of a “come back,” you must remove everything related to the leak.

The process:

Repairing water leaks in vehicles is a very involved process. There is a lot of time spent identifying the possible causes of the leaks and Testing different areas of the vehicle making sure the problem is fixed. Most of the time it’s a two men job locating the leaks. Cars leak due to deteriorated body seals, weather-stripping, plugged drain tubes, poor seam sealing, damaged lights and etc……..

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