What are the Most Common Auto Repair Myths?

Common Auto Repair Myths

When it comes to taking care of our vehicles, many of us are virtually clueless. Unfortunately, this has led to the circulation of misinformation surrounding auto repair and maintenance. Below, we’ll debunk some of the most common vehicle misconceptions so that you can keep your car in tip-top shape for years to come.

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Myth: Cheaper Oil Will Break Down Your Car’s Engine

More expensive oil may indeed run more efficiently than regular oil. However, cheaper oil will never harm your car’s engine. All lubricants need to meet a certain standard in order to be sold on a mass scale. The main difference between premium and regular versions of oil is that premium oil contains protectants that help preserve the quality of your engine, but that doesn’t mean that standard oil will break down your engine.

Myth: Oil Needs To Be Changed Every 3000 Miles

This adage might still be true for older models, but any car made within the past decade should have its oil changed every 5000 miles. Every vehicle needs regular oil changes to run correctly. You might just be able to change it less frequently due to today’s vehicle advancements.

Myth: Tires Need To Be Replaced All At The Same Time

While it may be more convenient to update your tires simultaneously, it’s certainly not an auto repair necessity. What’s more important is consistency. Try to keep your tires all the same model and make.

Myth: Vehicle Service At Unauthorized Shops Will Void Your Warranty

This is a common misconcpetion that’s been perpetuated by dealers. Know your warranty is valid even at independent auto repair shops. While it’s likely that your dealer will recommend revisiting for future repairs, requiring to do so is illegal.

Myth: You Can Wash Your Car With Dish Soap

As tempting as it might be to polish your car with some soap you have lying around the house, this can potentially damage your car’s wax finish. In turn, you might be making your vehicle more susceptible to grime and cosmetic damage whenever you don’t use proper soap on your car. Skip the homemade suds and find a commercial auto cleaner or car wash.

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