Wheel Alignment in Bellevue, WA

Our Approach

So, your car pulls harder than a leashed pit bull and eats tires for breakfast lunch and dinner. People have told you your car needs an alignment, but what does that really mean? Wheel alignment is the system of angles designed into the vehicle’s suspension. In most cases, these angles can be adjusted to allow your vehicle to handle better.

The main adjustment angles are camber, caster and toe.

  • Camber is the angle between the vertical centerline of the wheel and the true angle as seen from the front.
  • Caster is the angle formed between a true vertical line and a line through the center of the steering axis as seen from the side of the vehicle.
  • Toe is the difference in distance measured across the front and rear of the tires.

If your vehicle is handling poorly or exhibits abnormal tire wear, it may be time for an alignment.

Experienced and Friendly Technicians

Our ASE-certified technician have been performing alignments since they could walk. Ok, not really, but they have been doing it a long time. A proper two-wheel or four-wheel alignment can greatly benefit your vehicle and our technicians know how to do it right. They’re willing to share their infinite wisdom regarding alignments, should you have any questions.

Thorough inspections for accurate diagnosis

There are many reasons a vehicle may handle poorly or display unusual tire wear. Often times, worn or damaged steering and suspension components can cause a vehicle to handle poorly. An alignment won’t do any good until these components are fixed. That’s why our technicians will thoroughly inspect your steering and suspension before performing an alignment.

Comprehensive and Honest Overviews

As with all of our services, we always present you with an honest overview of what your vehicle needs. We understand cars and would like nothing more than to share our knowledge with you. Understanding builds trust, which is our ultimate goal.

Precision Wheel Alignments

We have the latest and greatest when it comes to wheel alignment machines. Our alignment rack is able to precisely dial in each wheel according to the manufacturer’s specifications. And best of all, when our technicians are done aligning your vehicle, you’ll get a printout of the alignment angles. It’s so pretty, you may even want to hang it on the fridge.