Why Maintenance Matters

Regular Maintenance Your Vehicle Needs

Cars in Bellevue start losing their value as soon as you drive them off the lot. Fortunately, regular maintenance is a smart way to retain what value you can. That’s especially true if you are financing the car or want to sell it one day. Maintenance is a must for vehicle safety, and it prevents hefty auto repair price tags. Vehicle upkeep comes in several forms, for example:

  • Regular checkups and tuneups
  • Oil changes and tire rotations
  • Properly inflated tires
  • Seasonal measures are taken at a good time
  • Prompt attention when a problem such as slower wiper blades arises
  • Mechanic visit before a road trip to make sure the car is in satisfactory condition.

Increased Vehicle Safety

It’s tempting to give in to thoughts such as; My warning lights seem wrong half of the time. I can wait to take the car into the shop or, I hate that sound the engine is making, but I’m just an hour from home. I’d rather not stop in this town. Sometimes, drivers do get lucky, and everything works out. Best not to leave that up in the air, though.

Maintenance minimizes the odds that you suffer through a car breakdown in an isolated spot. It also cuts the chances of something going very wrong when you are driving in a crowded area. You, your passengers, or people in nearby vehicles could end up injured.

Lower Auto Repair Expenses

Maintenance does cost money, but it is hugely affordable compared with serious auto repairs. For instance, having tire damage promptly repaired may eliminate the need to purchase new tires a few
days later. Similarly, regular oil changes and tire rotations keep various parts of your car running smoothly.

More Resale Value

The better shape your car is in, the more you can sell it for. If you’re financing the vehicle, keeping the vehicle in shape means that you can drive it for years after you pay off the loan. That saves thousands of dollars in the long term.

At A&M Auto Repair Bellevue, we offer maintenance services along with auto repair for transmissions, brakes, emissions, air conditioning, water damage, and many other issues. Contact us today at 425-641-9455 to schedule an oil change or repair. We service European, Asian, and domestic vehicles.

Written by A&M Auto Repair Bellevue