Japanese Vans – Uglier is Better

Being Ugly is a Selling Point for Japanese Vans Typically when one is shopping for a new car, the first thing that draws their attention to it is the design. Sleek and modern designs that allude a sense of status, performance, and pride for the owner are often the first thing to catch a consumer’s

Simple Maintenance for Diesel Engine Vehicles

Tips for Keeping your Diesel Engine Running Smooth Does your vehicle have a diesel engine? If it does, are you aware that your vehicle maintenance schedule should be set based on whether you do more local driving, or long distance driving? Make some time in your busy schedule to have basic maintenance tasks performed, as

Why Will a Shop Not Install Customer Provided Parts?

Parts Are Not Just Parts Would you bring your own steak to a steak house and ask the chef to cook it for you? The answer is most likely “no”. Then why would you supply your own parts to your local mechanic and ask them to install your parts? You Get What You Paid For

What are Good Jaguar Repair Tips?

Keep Your Jaguar in Tip-Top Shape Jaguar cars are known for their strong, powerful engines and impressive luxurious design. These vehicles certainly make a statement. If you’re lucky enough to have one of your own, it only makes sense to keep it in optimal condition to protect your investment. Below, we’ll dive into some of

What Are The Best Porsche Repair Tips?

Porsche Repair Tips To Keep Your Car In Excellent Shape Porsches are one of the most coveted cars in the industry, and with good reason. These beautiful vehicles are loaded with speed, elegance, and superb design. However, just like any other car, they require regular maintenance to stay in shape. Below, we’ll dive into some

Connecting Rod Bearing Failure in the BMW M3

  Those that own a BMW M-Series have something in common – they have a passion for automotive performance. At A & M Automotive, in Bellevue, Washington, we understand and even share that passion. That is why we want to be sure we are proactive in letting our customers who own one of these high

Vehicle Upkeep During Quarantine

* The Blog Post is originally written by David Gersh in German Repair Shop Marketing. Importance of Having a Vehicle During a Pandemic Right now, many find themselves at home for long periods of time in quarantine, either self-imposed or mandated. Concerns of the spread of the novel coronavirus have risen and become such a central focus of our lives and thoughts that some

Why Maintenance Matters

Regular Maintenance Your Vehicle Needs Cars in Bellevue start losing their value as soon as you drive them off the lot. Fortunately, regular maintenance is a smart way to retain what value you can. That’s especially true if you are financing the car or want to sell it one day. Maintenance is a must for

Signs You Need Transmission Repair

Everything You need To Know Transmission repair issues can be frightening. Major transmission issues can be costly, so you may be hesitant to take your vehicle to an auto repair shop to find out what’s wrong. Use these signs to determine whether you’re experiencing transmission issues, and discover how you can receive honest, personalized service

Specialized VW Care

Factory Recommended Service Do you drive a Volkswagen? Does it need repair or service? Even if it doesn’t at this time, it will at some point in the future, so why not spend a moment to find the right auto repair team for your vehicle? A&M Auto Repair Bellevue helps drivers north of Seattle, Washington