Drive a Volkswagen? Here’s What to Look Out For

Common Volkswagen Problems

Every car has some limitations, regardless of its make or model. As a responsible vehicle owner, the vital thing is to be aware of your car’s limits so that you can effectively practice preventative care. If you’re ready to take on ownership of a Volkswagen, be sure to keep these common VW problems in mind.

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Common Issues

Vehicle Pulsation:

Auto-technicians specialized in Volkswagen repair are well versed in replacing warped rotors. If you notice your car shaking or pulsating while braking, it’s likely a result of worn rotors. While sometimes this issue can be fixed with a simple straightening, you may have to invest in a full rotor replacement throughout the lifespan of your Volkswagen.


Unfortunately, a common Volkswagen repair surrounds the cooling and A/C system. These vehicles are infamous for taking in a small amount of coolant at a time, which means that your car should be assessed immediately upon the first signs of overheating. You can expect to replace coolant parts every 60,000 miles or so.

Smoking Exhaust:

Smoke coming from the exhaust usually points to a coolant leak. You might notice a burnt oil smell while driving as well. This is genarally attributed to a broken gasket or damaged engine block. Coolant leaks can also manifest in steam blowing from the engine or coolant drip near the underbelly of your car.

Clicking Noises While Turning:

If you hear unusual noises while driving, particulary when turning, you probably have a suspension issue. Luckily, most Volkswagen repair specialists are super familiar with this process. Your technician will have to do an extensive assessment to figure out the root of the issue. While this problem is usually a result of faulty ball joints, this could be a symptom of a larger issue.

Low Heat Output:

Volkswagen cars aren’t always the most temperature friendly in both warm and cold climates. Due to frequent coolant issues, you may notice that your Volkswagen tends to have a low heat output. A typical Volkswagen repair assessment for this issue will check the heater core, the vehicle’s thermostat, and the blend door of the car.

Auto Repair Your Volkswagen Deserves

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Written by A&M Auto Repair Bellevue