DSG Audi Transmission Repairs

by A&M Auto Repair In Bellevue Washington

DSG transmissions are an outstanding piece of technology that enable great power and lightning-fast shifting. However, the sophistication of this technology presents some fresh difficulties for vehicle maintenance. Our techs have received training on anything from DSG flushes to complete rebuilds. DSG fluid is subject to change, has a long lifespan, and is used to actuate transmission valves in addition to lubricating internal parts. DSG fluid should be replaced at least every 40,000 miles and more frequently in cars driven erratically or on a racetrack. We utilize pentosin FFF fluid, a first fill and service fill transmission fluid that has been approved by the manufacturer. Additionally, OEM DSG filters are installed.

DSG Clutch Replacement

DSG clutches often last a very long period before needing to be replaced. Because shifts occur so quickly, there is little slippage and wear on the friction materials as a result of the DSG fluid lubricating the clutch discs. When you slow down until you stop completely and then start moving again, wear may result. Never "slide the clutch" to keep the car in place while driving down a slope; always apply the brake. The transmission's performance frequently degrades substantially when the clutches need to be replaced, and DTC codes that identify the fault are generated.

DSG Mechatronic Control Unit/Valve Body and TCM

The brains of a DSG transmission are the mechatronics; if the mechatronics unit fails, you may only have some or even no transmission capability. On DL501 transmissions, we can assist with the replacement of the Mechatronics unit or the wiring harness. These failures we see regularly in our shop.

Written by A&M Auto Repair Bellevue