Volvo Oil Leak & Consumption

Volvos are no stranger to oil leak and consumption issues. One main culprit that has caused many major oil problems over the years is the breather system, also known as the positive crankcase ventilation system. The breather system, specifically on the T5 2.3L and 2.4L engines, was first introduced in 1991 on the Volvo 850 models and quickly became Volvo’s flagship engine up until its retirement in 2010.

The breather system passages in these engines over time were prone to getting blocked by buildup of carbon deposits, which will cause excessive pressure in the crankcase. This excessive pressure can lead to a multitude of issues, one being oil seals getting blown out causing major oil leaks and oil pressure to drop significantly leaving you on the side of the road with a hefty repair bill.

A&M Auto Repair Bellevue will check the breather system at every oil change by using a special Volvo manometer tool to measure the crankcase pressure readings through the oil dipstick. Maintaining a history of the breather system readings will help track any significant changes in the system so you can have a peace of mind knowing if the breather system is in need of repairs long before it can leave you on the side of the road.

Written by A&M Auto Repair Bellevue