Volvo Timing Belt

A major problem arose with the T5 2.5L engines, which was first introduced in 2004 and persisted all the way to its retirement in 2016. On the early version of the T5 2.5L engines, it was found on every instance when a drive belt failed by coming loose or breaking apart. The drive belt would work itself in the timing belt components causing engine timing to jump which resulted in major upper engine damage. The last generation of T5 2.5L engines, which can be found on 2012 to 2016 models has a similar issue. The drive belt tensioner would fail with no obvious signs of failure, which would allow the drive belt to work itself into the timing belt components causing major upper engine damage in the same manner.

Unfortunately, the only means to combat this poor engineering oversight is to be diligent on replacing the drive belts and tensioner on these engines, especially if they are going to be removed for service. A&M Auto Repair Bellevue will always be fully aware of this and will recommend accordingly when the concern arises when servicing the timing belt or any drive belt driven components.

Written by A&M Auto Repair Bellevue